Take back control over your brand.

It has never been easier to reach an audience. At the same time it has never been harder to truly connect with an audience. Simply putting your brand in front of the consumer doesn’t work anymore. You need to dig deep and get to the soul of your brand. Like a small store owner, you need to figure out what’s your role in the customer’s mind and you need to get your story right. If you don’t, people will ignore you.

But if you succeed, you will truly engage with your audience and you will turn your customers into brand advocates. Setting you apart from your competitors, becoming a loved brand. We can help you fuel your brand, being true to its core purpose and contribute to making the world a better place with your products and/or services.

Take it easy

Take it easy.

We believe that brands have the power to change the world. Building brands can be quite simple but like football great Johan Cruijff once said, “the game of football is simple but it is difficult to play simple”. Working at some of the most impactful brands in the world we developed deep insights in branding processes, giving us the ability to look at brand challenges and quickly identify pain points and come up with solutions. Unlike traditional design agencies we look beyond just logos and branding and figure out where the real opportunities lie.

Like an architect we like to be involved in every step of the way; we are perfectionists and we will look at every little detail to make sure it lives up to our standards. That is why we also look at content creation because the road from an initial big idea to campaign execution is a bumpy one with myriad things that can lead you off track. We know, because we have been there. So we simplify where we can, we get to the core quickly, we bring solutions, and we will have fun on the way. So you can take it easy.

Our journey

Our journey.

Like a rock band we have played in different settings, we played with high energy from the get-go, yet we also started off without a solid brand strategy. It took us in all kinds of directions, resulting in a brand midlife crisis: “Is this all there is?” So we took a break and figured out what really gets our juices flowing. We went back to the drawing board and surfaced with clear ideas and plans. We want to help build awesome brands. That is what we do!

Either by creating a meaningful brand story and message framework or designing impactful brand content, in any form, we will make it work. We discovered that we still love to play and perform. We matured as people and as professionals and we feed off fun projects and good people. Together we can make awesome work.

Our work

Our work.


Guy Goldman developed a urinalysis system mounted to a toilet rim. The product development came in a phase that a more thought through brand was needed. We had a look at the soul of the company and created a strategy resulting in a name, logo and brand identity so they can now approach the market with a fitting brand.


The Salvation Army noticed that people hardly carry any cash money with them anymore which affected their donations. In cooperation with L’eau we handled th the 3d, UX and UI design for a working prototype of a wireless donation pedestal. The pedestals was tested at various locations during 3 Months.