Brand strategy & design

We worked with impactful brands for many years, both on brand and agency side. Together with you we can create a fitting strategy. And with our ‘Just Do It’  mentality we will also make sure the brand rubber hits the road so you can accelerate your brand.

Developing a solid brand strategy. Either from scratch or taking your current brand as starting point. Looking at the brand identity (purpose/vision/mission/values) and positioning (audience/competitor/differentiator) to build a rock solid strategy. 

Once your strategy is clear we can work on the brand expression. Starting with your brand character, verbal expression and visual identity. Resulting in a clear brand guideline which will help you continuously drive your brand in a clear direction.

Content creation has changed so much over the last 5 years, we help you reshape your organisation and processes. And will find the right staff and partners. So you can start doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and before you know it you are doing the impossible.

No matter how stressful the situation they  are always cheerful and bring a positive presence to the table. We had a great time collaborating with them on the several projects from early planning stages to grand openings.


HelloHero used the first part of our conversation learning about myself, my partner, the company, our vision and only after started asking questions related to the topics discussed.  And they were sensitive to all the various stakeholders.

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